Pastor Thaddeus ‘Tee Jay’ Jones Jr., a Winter Haven (Pughsville) native and member of The Class Of 1966, currently resides (with his wife Cynthia, an Educator) in Barrigada, Guam.

Thad is a cousin of former Winter Haven Mayor (and very well known to all) Lem Geathers Sr.

Many years retired from the military, Thad is employed with Asia Pacific Investment Services, where he is a Registered Investment Adviser. An Ordained Minister, he is also President of Indwelling Ministries, under whose umbrella he, his wife Cynthia, and the other members perform a myriad of community services , while at the same time holding true to their motto of “Delivering God’s Word….For Man….To Man.”

An ardent annual supporter of The Jewett High School Alumni Association, he is shown above awarding Indwelling Ministries Scholarships to deserving students in Guam. He is totally dedicated to assisting young people in achieving their educational goals.

So today we applaud Thad and Cynthia, for their ongoing tireless efforts on behalf of the well being of others, and we wish them godspeed in their future endeavors.

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