GOD Protects His People

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 missions team from Victory Malate was sent to a creative access nation in Southeast Asia last April 2015.  Authorities check up on their activities, but God miraculously saves them.  Here’s their story.

One of the few remaining Communist nations in the world, one particular country in Southeast Asia is also one of the most hostile countries for Christians.  Even though the government says that it permits Christianity, many local Christians are still harassed, arrested, and forced to deny their faith.  Churches are also kept under surveillance by the government.

When a Ten Days mission team from Victory Malate visited the leading university in this nation’s capital, it was a test of faith, boldness, and obedience for everyone on the team.

“We talked to students in the library and to a faculty member,” recounts Jason who was part of the Ten Days mission trip. “We also had English lessons with the students.” Immediately after the initial lesson session, school authorities tried to track down the team’s activities, suspicious that Christians had infiltrated the school.

“One of our students who attends our Every Nation church there warned us that school officials had gathered all our student leaders and asked about us.” says Jason. “They also reviewed the CCTV cameras.”

But God had other plans for Jason and his teammates.  Authorities checked the CCTV cameras, but miraculously, not one recording of the Ten Days Team was found.

“The Lord protected us from spies,” Jason declares, “He hid our faces and identities from the enemy.”

Despite the persecution, the Ten Days team marveled at the faith of the Christians in this country. “I’m amazed by their radical faith,” Jason says. “They are completely sold out to Jesus Christ.”


Our Every Nation missionaries in this Southeast Asian nation continue to minister to students from the capital’s leading university. This creative access nation is very hostile to the gospel, so our missionaries and their churchmates value your prayers of protection. If you would like to support our missionaries with monthly or one-time gifts,please click here.


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