He Is Risen!



“He is not here: for He is risen.” Matthew 28:6

It is a disturbing truth that Jesus Christ literally came out of the grave. You
just can’t be neutral about the resurrection. If you are a thinking person,
you’re going to have to face the fact of the resurrection.
Either it is true or it is not true. Either He came out of that grave or He did
not. Now which side are you on?
You can’t just ball it all up and say, “It doesn’t really make any difference.
Let’s just put our arms around everybody. We all believe the same thing.” No,
no, no! When you take a stand for truth, you’re going to have a head-on
collision with the darkness that doesn’t want the light shining in!
Pray for those in fulltime ministry as they proclaim the truth to a lost world.
Pray for God’s protection as they go to the frontline and battle for souls!

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